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Disibility Issues


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  1. here here… well executed …

  2. Very slow on here.

    Disabled people have been attacked by all governments for some time now, we are seen as being able to work, when in fact employers would rather employ somebody who has come out of jail then somebody in a wheelchair.

    I’ve spent with my disability adviser from the job center ten years seeking a job any jobs, I’ve written with help of a secretary from the job center 1000 job applications, I have a written CV done again at a cost of £175 to make sure all the “i’s are dotted” and the T crossed.

    Out of 1000 job applications only three replies, one told me to F.O F*ck off, I’ve enough retards without taking on more, he was asked to apologies which he did without reservation but refused point blank to give me an interview, the other two just stated they keep me in mind.

    So if labour think I’m work shy why did they do more to force employers to take me on, in France Spain and Germany employers must employ disabled people, if you employ twenty people two (2) must have a disability, 200 then 20 must be disabled.

    In Germany an employer cannot by law lay off or sack any disabled person without talking to the Job center.

    In the UK the laws are all on us to seek work, nothing on employers to employ us, meaning of course if your disabled and dumped onto JSA you could end up a life time on benefits much lower then sickness benefits.

    The New Deal, Pathways to work, and workfare are all American ideas, taken by Blair and Brown, but what we do not know in some cases the good bits that would have helped us has been removed.

    For example in the USA if a disabled person is employed they have protection about being made redundant, you keep half of your benefits and the employers gets the other half so it more about you working then money.

    If you find out you cannot work or you get worse you have eleven years to return back to benefits without having to go through medicals, your returned to the top benefits.

    In the UK after twelve months you have to re-apply to the DWP.

    In the USA if your blind all government contracts suck as typing cleaning catering will go to disabled people who set up companies, in the USA contractor who do the cooking at army camps are basically disabled people.

    The UK have done little to help people set up companies or firms because we have to compete in the market place, and lets be fair it’s cut throat, so why not do more by giving out smaller contract to disabled bosses to help them office cleaning in say the houses of Parliaments. Did you know that the government only employs 2.4% of disabled people through out government the house of lords and Parliament which is shocking low.

    Much more could be done to help the disabled, it has to be more then just saving money by putting us onto JSA and lower benefits.

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